15 Nollywood Stars You Still May Not Know Have Died – This List Will Leave You In A Big Shock! (With Photos)


These demised stars would always be remembered for their role in one way or the other in the development of the Nigerian movie industry- Nollywood.

It’s not an understatement to assert that their death shook Nollywood to its core at the time each of their demise occurred.

They are however remembered for the legacies they left behind.

www.gossip9aija.com_15 Nollywood Stars You Still May Not Know Have Died – This List Will Leave You In A Big Shock! [With Pictures] 1SAM LOCO EFE

The death of Sam Loco really got the entertainment industry in Nigeria shaking because he was very popular with his comic roles. Loco died in a hotel room in Owerri where he was editing a film, in August 2011, at age 66.

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  1. Lol can’t stop laughing mide can never b dead
    She’s alive Hale n healthy
    Don’t know why did dudes go about spreading rumours
    Mide die ke

  2. fumi marthins is dead long ago…mide mathins is fumi’s Daugther. they used mide marthins bcos she looks very much like her mother…mode is alive.. simple logic

    • But this is bad. Why should they use modes pic instead of her mother’s own. If I where her and I see his d poster go suffer for such silly mistake.

  3. At least, you should have used the picture of Funmi Martins and not her daughter Mide Martins. Confusion is not the same as journalism.

  4. as per Funmi Martins she is dead long time ago since around 2002, but her daughter mide mar
    tins still alive and healthy..but the picture on display is mide martins and thats quiet wrong please admin rectify the mistakes thanks

  5. It is very wrong to use the pic of one who still alive as a dead person pls remove it if u don’t have her den no need to put her pic

  6. The picture placed for Funmi Matins who died a long time ago is that of Mide Abiodun, her daughter who is still very much alive. That is rather misleading and should be corrected!

  7. Mode F.Matins Owo z still very much alive,if u don’t have her mum pics(Late Funmi Martins)don’t use another pic

  8. Why are you people posting fake news and wishing people dead? Where on earth did you hear that Funmi Martins is dead.. You people should stop posting fake news for people..

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