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Giadom’s expulsion from APC is Useless and a contempt of court – Giadom’s Lawyers



Chief Victor Giadom, the self-installed acting National Chairman o, has expressed that his expulsion from the All Progressives Congress (APC) is ineffective and will be unnoticed by the overall public.

Giadom who is that the Deputy National Secretary of the APC, on Saturday declared that he was the ruling party’s acting chairman as he had secured a writ that backed his beginning because the Acting Chairman of the APC, albeit another tribunal in Rivers state had restrained Giadom from parading himself as chairman of the APC.

On Sunday, adventurer Wechie, the Media consultant to the Acting Chairman of the APC in Rivers state Igo Aguma, aforesaid Giadom was suspended from the party over alleged acts of gross infractions of the party’s Constitution.

Giadom has currently embark to refute Wechie’s claims, spoken communication it’s ineffective. Taking to his Twitter handle, he wrote; ”Read this fastidiously i’m protected’ aboard ikon of the writ granting him power to continue as Acting National chairman of the party.”

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