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Let’s Discuss: Covid-19, A Big Deal Or Just A Hype?



The truth is bitter and the only solution to a hidden lie is bitter truth. Truth is a medicine on its own if we apply it accordingly. The numbers of corona-virus infected people is increasing daily.

The rate of infection is higher than the recovery rate and we have just spent three months battling with the virus.

Instead of it to be decreasing despite all the rules and regulations laid down to curb it, nothing tangible has been achieved.

I am sure several millions of naira or dollars might have been spent on this single killer virus right from the beginning of the outbreak up till now.

There is need to sit tight and ask ourselves the reason the numbers are increasing daily upon all the preventive measures implemented.

Yet, we have not been seeing the market people falling down in the market, despite the crowds that are daily seen there, who observe no social distancing.

I live close to one of the big markets in my state just few km’s away, if anyone falls down suddenly, the news will speedily spread everywhere.

But ever since the onset of this outbreak, the set of people that are selling goods in these markets never decreased, instead they are increasing, yet there has been no such case.

Many people who have become jobless due to the lock-down at their places of work have joined them in the markets to source for their daily living.

That’s why I am thinking perhaps we have original virus which originated from China, but has disappeared from our land since we have no victim at the markets or the virus is afraid to enter our markets for its operation.

If the virus is afraid to enter the markets, maybe those people giving us the figures should go to the markets to inquire how the market people are doing it that the virus did not infect them.

Because the figures are scaring people as it is increasing daily, but the market people are escaping or is there a force that the corona-virus can not withstand which is sending it away from our markets?

Also, could it be that some set of people are benefiting from the increase in numbers daily.

Maybe they are acquiring wealth through the figures, that is why it is increasing? Our government should find out.
Well, whatever it may be, the truth will be revealed one day.

Except we know the truth behind the increase in the figures of corona-virus, but not affecting the markets people, while churches, mosques and schools are still banned from gathering.

Do You Think The Virus Is Just A Hype?

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