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If You Can Solve This Mystery, Then You Can Solve Half Of Nigeria’s Problem



A rich noble man in Nigeria died… He was half Indian and half Edo… He was  very selfless and stinkingly wealthy. He had just one beautiful wife from Lagos State, a spoilt son, one pretty housemaid, a loyal gateman and a good driver.

He had a party the night before his death. Police men went to the house and interrogated the members of the household one after another.


I left my hubby peacefully at home during breakfast oooo and while I was partying with my friends, since it was our annual meeting hangout, the maid called me that oga was in his own pool of blood lifeless, then I came home.


Before madam comot for house, she send me go market to buy foodstuffs. As I come back na him I see oga body for sitting room, oga don die.


I was out with my friends in the next hood playing video game when my phone rang that my dad was dead… I rushed home and met his body.


I am so confused, early this morning oga sent me to the bank to withdraw some cash and I was shocked to have returned and met his lifeless body !!!


I be dey sleep for my gateman house as I work overnight, then for my sleep I hear the housemaid shout. Na him I wake up, I come run enter main house see say my oga body dey for ground with blood.

The question is, who killed the oga and prove it?

Let’s know how many of us have detective minds here…..

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