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If you were this man, What would you do to your Wife (Read Story)



I married my wife in 2015 and we have a kid (son) together. I have been doing everything i can for my wife financially, socially, physically and emotionally but last night I was shocked, when i came across a text in her phone that said I was very poor in bed.

She was complaining to her sister. I don’t go through her phone but last night something just told me to go through while she was in deep sleep. In the text she said,”Hello, sis, I don’t know what I can do with my husband. I have never enjoyed love making with him since the day we got married. He is very poor in bed.

He doesn’t know how to handle a woman in bed. I wish I could tell him but am scared he may get mad with me. What I hate most is he doesn’t last longer like his friends. He is not strong enough to make a woman reach her climax.. I don’t know what to do..”

I am so disappointed with my wife. Instead of telling me as her husband, she is telling her sister. How will her sister and other family members going to look at me, when we visit them as a couple..?

This is a great embarrassment. I thought I was doing my level best in bed little did I know I was just doing nothing. I am really angry with her though she doesn’t know that I read the text she sent to her sister. And I haven’t asked her anything about the text.

She doesn’t know that am in pain right now. I don’t know what to do with this woman. And I feel like she has been cheating on me..

Ladies this question goes to you

Is it right to share how poor your husband performs in bed with your sister or any other family member?

And this question goes to the guys

If you were in the man’s shoes, How would you react after you see the message?

Let’s hear your say on this.

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