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Let’s Talk!! Do You Think Covid-19 Will Last For The Rest Of The Year?



Coronavirus was discovered on the 27th of February after an Italian man who got infected with the virus came to Nigeria.

And ever since then, The virus have been spreading across the country, Now we have 873 confirmed, 28 deaths, and 197 Discharged corona virus cases in Nigeria.

NCDC records confirmed cases daily despite the lock down the government gave the citizens.

And with the way the cases are been confirmed on a daily bases, it seems the government might extend the lockdown. The lock down might take up to 3 months or more if the virus keeps on spreading.

On the other side, The popular miscreants called One million boys are robbing people of the little things they have. Sending notice to estates and towns that they are coming to take what they didn’t work for.

The biggest fear for us Nigerians now is that what if coronavirus last for the rest of the year.

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Do You Think Covid-19 Will Last Through Out The Year?

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