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Let’s Talk!! Do You Think Fireboy Can Last In The Industry For Long?



Fireboy DML

Fast rising Afro-Live singer Fireboy DML is currently dominating other artist with his vocals.

Over the years, the Nigerian Music Industry is moving very fast. The trends come and leave,We’ve came thru some artist who were trending but now nobody remembers them anymore.

But come to think of it what if Fireboy just fades away just like other artist’s e.g Iyanya, Sean Tizzle etc.

Just like the artist’s i mentioned earlier,They released hit songs that people loved,they got really popular, and then just as fast as they made it, All of the sudden dropped back to the upcoming list.

For some, they just lost their lucky streaks and for others, they relaxed a little too much by failing to even release songs.Probably thinking they have achieved what they need but that’s a lie.

But i’m sure before that happen Fireboy would have think of a new way to trend.

To cut things short, Let’s jump to the conclusion.


Do you think Fireboy can last in the music industry for long?

Drop your comment’s below 👇

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