Naija Hustle – Episode Five | Tobi Shares His Story

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Naija Hustle is a weekly series presented to you by GossipNaija. The stories on this episode reflects on the Experience Nigerians have on their work life.

Everyday in Nigeria is a hustle, every single Naira, is a struggle. Nothing survives here Naija. Not dreams, not even viruses.

In the scenario of you walking in the streets where you see youths Hawking around with a crate filled with chilled soft drinks “cold mineral, cold pure water”. Or wheelbarrows filled with phone accessories. “fast charger, buy your original earpeice” is one of the things that motivates man to hustle more.

Our economy lies with the strength of the youths, yet one speech says otherwise.

Naija is my country, A country where the young strives in works, while the rich enjoy the affluence. We shall make things right one day, when we get ourselves well represented in 2023.

If you’ve fallen once before does not mean you will rise no more. Get up off the floor,get your feet on the ground. Get up for what you believe in. When God has said yes no man can say no,weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

Obstacles are a good way to success because they complete your success stories. Keep doing it, keep advancing. Double your hustle if need be and keep making impact.

Tobi is an aspiring fashion designer. He decided to get on Naija Hustle episode Five. Check his Story.

Tobi, 30, Lagos

My hustle story isn’t about working in the office. It’s about struggling in the streets, trekking in the hot sun of Lagos striving for a better future.

Living in the street wasn’t my choice I was born in the street my parents lived here and died and they left me to hustle for myself they never introduced me to any family member that cares. I even tried to go for my Higher National Diploma or a Bachelors Degree, but guy, hustles no make me get chance.

I also tried starting an online street fashion blog sef. I had my laptop, did my research and business plan, but guy e no work. I needed some other things like camera, phone with good picture quality etc. But money yab man I swear.

The suffering actually increased. Things went from bad to worse. It was more like from frying-pan to fire.

I’m just tired of the government making false promises just to get voted in the election period. How I wish they are actually considerate about the youths, I’m sure things won’t be as condusive as it is now.

There was no job for me to do. But, the hustle continues despite the head not recognizing the tail. I realized i must not wail, but accept the fate.

Success is the definition you give to it by yourself at a given period of your life.

Don’t ever fall for the saying that goes “Dream Big and send the bill to God” bruh, you better work your ass out, them no dey tell person oo!

I’ll just have to stop here. The Lord is my strength.

We’ve come to the end of this episode. I hope you enjoyed it? If you’ll like to get featured on the next episode of “Naija Hustle”, Kindly drop me a mail at [email protected] God bless your hustle. Have a nice day.

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1.5k shares, 703 points

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