Naija Hustle – Episode One | Azeez shares his Story

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Naija Hustle is a weekly series presented to you by GossipNaija. The stories on this episode reflects on the Experience Nigerians have on their work life.

Hello guys, it’s my pleasure welcoming you to the first episode of “Naija Hustle”. So just sit back, get some popcorn (With a chilled drink), let’s feast, it’s a banquet of good vibe!

An ode to Lagos’s (Nigeria) numerous bridges, this pidgin expression basically says — “I am here to make money and not to waste time” — epitomizes the ‘Hustle’ in every Nigerian.

There is this saying that goes this way, “In Nigerian Reality, No One Depends On The State For Anything”.

Nigeria is very misunderstood. Take the infamous 419 scam commonly in the form of email masquerading as potential windfall gains from a deposed ‘prince’.

This scam is often first associated to Nigeria and Nigerians but really has its origins outside the country, the U.S to be exact. Even Nigerians
scam Nigerians.

Without wasting much time, I’ll like to get straight to where we are heading to.

So we got to meet a guy and asked him to share some of his experiences he had faced and he agreed to get in.

Azeez,29, Lagos Nigeria.

When we are talking about the hustles in Naija we are not talking about waking up in the morning, going to work then come back in the evening. You see there is a difference between working and hustling.

Work can be simply classified as going to your workplace, sitting on the office chair spinning it left and right, with some papers on your desk to sign and all, but hustling is different. You do different
kinds of jobs to sustain yourself and your fam.

I wake up 6am in the morning. Once I’m up, I get myself ready, holding a rough torn file containing my CV. I do this every day until I got fed up. No company wants to hire me (A first class upper graduate).

I’ve done more than 15 interviews but nothing in return. But what I learnt is that in this Nigeria, you shouldn’t depend
on anybody for anything. That’s just the fact.

The only message I go home with is “we’ll get back to you” and it’s so frustrating. Lot’s of Nigerians can relate to this. I got so frustrated to an extent I had the thought of committing suicide. Since there’s
nothing left in this word. There are no enough resources to even start a business.

After a long time with hopes of waiting for a response from one of the companies I’ve been interviewed at, I now decided to ‘Ģbe’ my body and let my soul follow it. I decided to finally adhere to the saying that goes this way “Go to school, graduate and hustle like a dropout”. No one told me before I knew I gotta work my ass off.

I got a job at a cyber cafe. I got paid a salary of 20k per month. All I did was I pile up the salary I’ve been getting and start a business with it. I could manage to buy a taxi car and hire someone to help me run them. Now, tables have turned. I no longer depend on companies to hire me. I have 7 taxi’s now. Money keeps on coming from the business.

Now I’m making close to 700k per month. It all started from the 20k I’ve been saving up.

We’ve come to the zenith of this episode. I hope you enjoyed it? If you’ll like to get featured on this
series, Kindly drop me a mail at [email protected] . The lord is your
strenght. Have a nice day.

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1.5k shares, 702 points

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