Naija Hustle – Episode Six | Ebube Shares His Story

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Naija Hustle is a weekly series presented to you by GossipNaija. The stories on this episode reflects on the Experience Nigerians have on their work life.

It’s a no food for a lazy man thing for my Naija people, especially we the youths.

We’ve seen different types of work ideas brought out just to make a living even thoough the work isn’t an high pay, but NIGERIANS have no choice.

Everyone knows that one of the biggest problems of Nigerian youths is a non substantial resource to make a living.

There’s no how you’ll walk in the streets without seeing people hustling and stiving so hard just to afford a 3-square meal, alot of us can relate to that.

We’ve seen commuters in rickety buses, motorists and cyclists exchanging curses. Politicians recycle promises, the only opposition are those who were left out in the sharing of resources.
Universities are breeding grounds for cultists, the law is nothing but a prostitute to injustice.

The government always comes up with pointed agendas and visions, But we are blind because there is no light to bring it to fruition.

Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep the faith. It will all be worth it in the end.

Ebube is just a man with IT skills trying to balance himself on the system Naija Hustle. Check out his story.

Ebube, 30, Lagos

I’m Just trying to pull through the hustle and bustle of city traffic. From where I make my living with the high and mighty.

To where I live my life with the rest of the society. I’ve worked for decades now But my work has not changed my life, neither can I change my work.

I work as a driver for a boss who owns a 5 star hotel. I earn 25k as salary. It’s not as if I’m okay with the money I’m making but I’ve got no choice than to go for it.

I have a lot of skills as an IT guy, but the rest of the story is “In God we trust” I have a pregnant wife at home waiting for me to come home so she can give me the list of bills I need to settle. Where am I going to get the money ? Obviously from the 25k I make.

This alone makes me frown and wonder why men come to this life to suffer.

I just can’t count how many jobs I’ve done. And I quit those jobs because of the Little amount of money I earn as salary.

My naija hustle story is just like a pregnant woman in labour. Imagine all the pains she’ll go through before she finally gives birth to the baby then she feels relieved. I know one day all my struggles won’t go to vain, my struggles will yeild a better result and I’ll smile at the end.

I think this is all my story I can share. Thank you GossipNaija for giving me this opportunity to share my experience. I hope my story inspires you to go hard.

We’ve come to the end of this episode. I hope you enjoyed it? If you’ll like to get featured on the next episode of “Naija Hustle”, Kindly drop me a mail at [email protected] God bless your hustle. Have a nice day.

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1.5k shares, 703 points

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