Naija Hustle – Episode Two | Rebecca shares her Story

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Naija Hustle is a weekly series presented to you by GossipNaija. The stories on this episode reflects on the Experience Nigerians have on their work life.

In life, everything requires time to yield the results. it might take time while some might not before you start seeing the results, this applies to the daily hustles/bustles.

There is no rest day for my Naija people especially those who make ends meet daily. How do they survive ?

Many people are looking to leave their 9 to 5 job for something that feeds their passion or something that supplements income from their regular jobs.

Informal stalls selling soccer jerseys, mangoes, and iPhone cables and phone cases sprout between its buildings like plants growing in the cracks of a rock – improbable and tenacious.

Meanwhile, hawkers weave through the notoriously gridlocked traffic carrying boxer shorts and kiddie pools, bibles and portraits of our president, Muhammadu Buhari.

One morning I see a hand-painted billboard advertising “VISAS TO QATAR – FAST!” and beside it a phone number. Below that is written “ICE BLOCKS FOR SALE!” and then the same phone number. As I am contemplating the business model of the visa-expediter-turned-ice-block-salesperson.

Across the city, thousands of buildings bear an inscrutable warning. THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE. It seems to me at first a strange assertion of ownership, but I soon learn these signs are a talisman against Nigeria’s world-famous Internet cons, the so-called 419 scams: “Dear Sir, I have a business proposal of great benefit to us both.”

Whether that is the best way for a city to survive seems an academic question. It is simply how Lagos is.

Rebecca is a self employed business woman, she has decided to share her experience with us. Check her story!

Rebecca, 36,Lagos

I’ve done different kinds of jobs to sustain myself but the money i make isn’t enough. I’m Rebecca, a single mother blessed with two kids, and I have no parents (one man mopol). I once hawked as an orange seller to provide and cater for me and my children needs.

After I finished my NYSC things became so condusive for me. Because, I was able to sustain myself from the allowance I get during my service period. It was as if my NYSC service period shouldn’t finish lol.

To cut my long story short, I was almost in the situation whereby I have no other choice than to sell my body for money when my first son was so sick and needed to get treated.

There was no one I could meet to help me with the money, it wasn’t an easy thing as a woman.

I cannot come and go and kill myself, Since there was no company that’ll hire me. I just don’t know-how God’s grace started raining upon me. I managed to start my own small chops business.

It wasn’t doing well in some few months I started but now things are going smoothly. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is to check my business social media page to see if I’ve got any orders. I get up to 10 orders in the morning.

I don’t really want to go into details so i think this is all I can share for now. My message for all the women out there is that, whatever you’re doing don’t give up on it. Strong women don’t give up! God bless your hustle.

And I want to thank GossipNaija for featuring me on this series.

We’ve come to the end of this episode. I hope you enjoyed it? If you’ll like to get featured on the next episode of “Naija Hustle”, Kindly drop me a mail at [email protected] God bless your hustle. Have a nice day.

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1.6k shares, 705 points

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