Erotic Story: He Tastes Like Honey – Lady Shares ‘Sweet S*x’ Experience


I licked and kissed her inner thighs, wanting her to be ready for my tongue. She moaned, shifting her p*ssy towards my mouth but I ignored it. I could see that it was glistening with wetness. 

I heard my roommate, Martha, enter our flat at about 10pm. I was in my room, fiddling with my phone when I heard her footsteps as she moved around the house. I looked up when she opened my room door and entered.
“Hey babe, where did you go?” I asked, taking in her cropped top and jeans. Her hair looked haphazard and her makeup was smudged. I hoped she did not go around town looking like that.
She made her way over and sat on my bed. “I was next door.”
“All day? Why?”
“Mrs Adeolu has a younger brother.”
I shook my head in confusion. “I’ll need more details than that.”
“Okay, her brother, Tolu, came to stay with them last weekend. Mrs Adeolu and her husband have travelled abroad for the next two weeks so Tolu is at their home now, alone.”
“How did I not know this and how does that explain why you spent the whole day there?”
“Well, you have been busy with your own shit nah… Tolu is so handsome. I went to say hi yesterday and we ended up in bed together. It was so good that I went for seconds this morning. He fucked me in all kinds of ways. Like seriously, my whole body aches right now.”
I laughed as she sniggered. “Wow, I’m envious, babe.”
“You look good, is that a new skirt?” She asked me after a few minutes, her eyes scanning my body. She took a look at the light blue shirt I wore and my short skirt which barely covered my ass as I was lying down.
I nodded. “Yeah, got it yesterday.”
I put my phone down as she brought her hand to my legs. Slowly, she moved her hands up until they were on my thighs.
“I thought you had been fucked all kinds of ways?” I asked her as I felt her hand stroking me through my panties.
“All kinds except one,” she replied. She leant up to cover my body with hers and we began to kiss. I ran my hands down her waist to the small of her back and down her curvy ass. I noticed a faint musky scent on her and figured that must be Tolu. Knowing a man had just f*cked her excited me.
“Take off your clothes,” I said.
She immediately got up and began to undress. I did the same and soon, she was lying beneath me on the bed. I kissed her again, down her neck to her beautiful boobs. Using my tongue, I traced her areola, slowly making my way to her nipples. I knew how much she loved to be teased so I used my tongue to flick her nipples a couple of times, kissing and enticing her as I went. She squirmed underneath me, her cunt calling to me.
I moved from her breasts down her stomach to her p*ssy. I kissed the outside while I spread her legs apart, bending them. Her cunt smelled of s*x and I breathed in the scent, which only turned me on even more.
I licked and kissed her inner thighs, wanting her to be ready for my tongue. She moaned, shifting her p*ssy towards my mouth but I ignored it. I could see that it was glistening with wetness.
With one finger, I entered her swiftly, gauging her arousal. It felt sticky, stickier than her own cunt juice and I knew Tolu’s cum was probably still dripping from her. I groaned, unable to wait any longer.
I buried my head between her legs, immediately licking all the juice. I was right, that cum was definitely his and it was amazing.
“Martha, Tolu really tastes good,” I said to her.
She responded with a moan as I returned to licking her. There seemed to be a lot of Tolu’s cum dripping out of her and I stayed buried in her cunt for minutes, lapping and drinking it all until, finally, only her juice remained.
She was bucking her hips, moving upwards to f*ck my mouth when I slipped my finger in her again. I went with two fingers, then three, wanting her to feel full. She cried out, f*cking my hand. With my other hand, I reached out to find her clit and began to stroke as I fingered her.
She was nearly screaming as pleasure overtook her. I raised my head to watch her. God, she was beautiful when she was turned on, I thought, as I kept doing what I was doing until she began to shudder, exploding in my hand.
After she climaxed, I removed my hands and bent my head again, drinking all her juice, enjoying the sweet taste. My tongue kept flicking her clit as I did and in seconds, she came hard again. I sucked and ate until she was panting in exhaustion.
I leant on her and began to kiss her, giving her a taste of herself. She wrapped her hands around my neck as we continued kissing passionately.
“How was that?” I asked her after I broke the kiss.
“Wonderful.” She replied, grabbing my head and claiming my mouth again.
Credits: Hot Pulse

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