Erotic Story: Martha’s Threeway – Lady Shares Romantic S*x Story


His head was moving side to side while her legs were up in the air. She grabbed a hold of his head, pushing it deeper into her p*ssy as he dutifully ate her out. 

I came home that night to find Martha in the living room with a handsome stranger. After sparing a couple of minutes to say hi to the couple, I went into my bedroom.
I was on my bed an hour later, trying to make a decision on dinner when Martha entered the room.
“So, babe, I have a favour to ask.” she said.
I sat up in bed, waiting for her to speak. “Wale wants us all to hang out together.” She continued, her voice heavy with underlying meaning.
I laughed. “And why would he want that?”
“Well…” she started, “I may or may not have told him that your p*ssy tastes really good.”
Another snigger escaped my lips then I paused, “he is paying, huh?”
She looked slightly sheepish. I had guessed right. Martha only usually lets her partners get their ways whenever there was money involved. I did not mind. It would make for an interesting evening and I hardly ever said no to good s*x.
“I would join you soon.”
Looking excited, she nodded and left. I got out of bed and took a quick shower. I chose to wear a see-through white nightwear and decided not to bother with underwear. The living room was empty when I got out. I assumed they must have moved things to her bedroom so that was where I went.
The sound of s*x called to me as I got closer to the door. Martha was moaning, “yes, yes, yes,” over and over. It must really be good for her to be so into it.
I opened the door quietly to see Wale bending over between Martha’s legs. His head was moving side to side while her legs were up in the air. She grabbed a hold of his head, pushing it deeper into her cunt as he dutifully ate her p*ssy.
I started to get turned on just watching them. I took off the dress I was wearing and I walked on over to the bed.
“May I?” I asked him. He withdrew his head from her hole and moved aside. I knelt between her legs and bent over to take his place. Her p*ssy was covered in wetness which I guessed was from the mixture of her juice and his saliva. I buried my head in there and brought out my tongue to lap up some of her juice.
As I was doing this, I felt Wale kneel behind me. He had both hands on my ass cheeks and separated them. I gasped in Martha’s cunt when I felt his tongue graze over my asshole. I gently pushed my ass against his mouth, letting him know I liked it. He groaned, sticking his tongue out and began to f*ck my asshole with it.
F*ck, it was so hard trying to eat Martha’s pussy as Wale went to town in my asshole. I was bucking my ass hard against his face while I teased and sucked on Martha’s throbbing clit. She began to moan and thrash around, turning her head from side to side. I knew she was close so I redoubled my effort on her clit, sucking and licking until she was shuddering and squirting her juices in my mouth and on my face. I paused, gently licking her clean and focused on what Wale was doing in my ass. I brought my hand down to my p*ssy and began to gently stroke my wet cunt as he tongue-f*cked my hole. Martha waited patiently, watching us until I was cumming hard on my own hand too.
I wanted his tongue in my p*ssy as well so we adjusted positions. He laid down on his back while Martha straddled him. I was not really interested in fucking him so I let Martha have the cock. I just wanted to get off. After she straddled his dick, I went forward and sat on his face. His tongue eagerly slipped out his mouth and I sat over him so it slid easily into my p*ssy. He brought up his hands. One hand was grabbing on to my ass and with the other, he slid a finger up my asshole.
It was the most exquisite feeling, him tonguing my cunt while fingering my asshole. I began to quickly grind against his face. I could hear Martha moaning in pleasure as she fucked his hard cock. He was groaning into my p*ssy too, as he enjoyed being f*cked and I was having a blast. We were all having a good time. His finger inside my ass began to move faster as he found my clit and began to suck gently on it.
“Oh my God! Aaaahhh! Yes. Eat me! Eat that cunt!” I started to say. His tongue and finger were magical and I was grinding and bucking hard on his face. I was probably preventing him from breathing but I did not care. In the distance, I heard Martha begin to cry out, a sound I knew meant she was exploding on that dick. The sound turned me on too and I began to grind harder, causing my juices to start flowing from my cunt into his eager mouth. He was gently sucking my cum out of me while slid pushing his finger in and out of my asshole until I was done riding my orgasm to the very end.
He started to grunt harder and I knew he was about to cum too. I did not get off him. The vibration from his sounds actually felt good on my p*ssy so I stayed in place until he grabbed my thighs hard and yelled into my open p*ssy. His finger dug into my asshole as he climaxed. I gently gyrated on his face, rocking him as he came.
All three of us collapsed on the bed. Wale lay between us as Martha curled up in his arm. I laid on his other side, running my hand down his chest as we waited for him to recover. I hoped to go on the ride one more time before retiring for the night.
Credits: Pulse

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