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TalkRoom: What Steps Do You Think Can Be Taken To Stop What Is Happening Now?



While we are still battling and praying that the pandemic happening over the world can end soon.

However, there are more things bothering people’s mind as protest have been taking place in all ways it can be done.

This crisis started after the brutal killing of a black American George Floyd (I can’t breathe).

Racism have become a very big issue and cannot be stopped once mostly in the USA and London.

Rape have now become the talk of the town in Nigeria. Men forcefully having sex with girls against their will.

Raping someone is a devious act that should be stopped, As a man you should be able to control your urges no matter the situation no matter how bad you need it.

The painful part here is father raping his own daughter.

If you go to social media, you’ll find one or two things related to rape #BlackOutTuesday.

Another one here is police brutality. If You Check out one of the trending things happening now most especially in Nigeria, it’s either rape or police physically assaulting or harassing people.

There was a protest then over the killing of a footballer after SARS labelled him as a yahoo boy just because of his hairstyle #StopTheKillings.

The one that happened recently was a Nigerian police man that shot a girl and the conductor just because they passed the curfew time that was measured by the Federal government to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases.

So guys….👇

What kind of punishment do you think is best suitable for a rapist?

What do you think can be done to stop police brutality in Nigeria?

Let’s hear your say in this.

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