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Time For Fun!! Lets’s Assume there’s nothing like social media or internet, How do you think the world is going to be like?



The internet has become an indispensable part of our day to day  life. Our days begin with scrolling through the Twitter feed and ends with sharing Instagram stories.

Over the past decades, our predecessors couldn’t picture anything like internet not to talk more of social media (everyone’s close pal).

Back then, everything was completely physical. If they’ll have to see each other, they will have to travel long miles just to see family and friends.

There was nothing like internet that can do the needful talk more of social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram that can do video calls.

Internet have paved way for many of us  now that if you need anything, you can just google it and you’ll get your answer. Even if you want to buy anything, it’s just one click away.

The internet have made things easier nowadays. Even Tailors and Welders knows the power of the Internet as they can look up for some mind – blowing designs that can set them apart from their competitors.

Not to talk of Carpenters and Painters. It has become the second half to some people to an extent some of us can’t do without social media. Well, as people always say, “social media is life”.

Now, everything is quick and fast. Things are no more conducive for everyone anymore, Everyone is using smartphones now.

Market sellers are on Facebook posting pictures, also tyring to mingle #Todayslook.

People are watching movies online unlike then that you’ll have to go to the theater to watch the entertainers perform.

Infact businesses are running on social media platforms now, people are securing the bag on social media on a daily basis, if you should go through Instagram, you’ll see business owners showcasing their products for to attract customers.

The disturbing question here is that, what if there was nothing like social media and internet, or what if there isn’t social media anymore, How is the world going to be like?

Let us know comment section below👇

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    July 20, 2020 at 5:19 am

    Life will be so damn hard oo!

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