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You probably don’t know! Animals Also Rape – See Prove



Not only human beings are rapists, animals also can rape. This look surprising to me when I first had the thought that do animals also rape as we see some human beings do to their fellow human beings. i’m sure after reading this post, you will come to understand that any human being that involved in raping could be compared to some of these animals.

When I was busy studying some animals in my environment, I discovered that there are some times when the female animals were forcefully climbed by the males. I went further to make the research in order to ascertain whether my observations are real, then I jumped into the conclusion that some animals forcefully rape their opposite gender.

There is rape in the animal kingdom with some animals, the male will mount the female without permission in order to mate. It’s through force, they don’t have any concept of consent that they are violating, the male just mounts the female and it happens.

And in some pack animals, the dominant male will mount any female it wants to. At times when the dominant male is aggressive and filled with adrenaline, it will mount a female.

This doesn’t apply to all animals. And in some animal types, the female is more dominant and physically powerful than the males. With other animals, the female will shake off any male that tries to mount it.

Actually, rape among spiders would be very rare, the females are larger and sometimes don’t even notice if small males climb on their backs. With mammals, rape is especially uncommon because females are often aggressive and only receptive during ovulation, if the latter doesn’t occur, the male is less likely to even be interested because his sperm has less chance of being taken.

In birds, rape is also rare, because most mating consist of aligning one hole with another, most birds do not have the long male organs of mallards. Even so, rape seems a silly term for animals.

Females generally don’t wish to mate because they either want a better male or are not fertile, and most males appear to clearly comprehend the terms and boundaries.

Have you ever thought of why do most animal offspring reproduce with their parents? Do they have any mother-relations sense like we humans?

That is animal behavior, many animals show this distinct behavior when it comes to production. There are various examples where animal reproduce with their parents, what we call inbreeding.

There could be many reasons for animals mating with thier parents, be it the non availability of a suitable mate or the behavior can be due to instinct or the non understanding of the parent-offspring relation as there is less involvement of brain.

Sometimes, the animals start separating their offspring from the group as soon as the offspring is somewhat grown up so that the animal starts living independently and the chances of inbreeding within the group reduces.

Unlike in we humans, where there is parental care with a lot of understanding and involvement of brain which makes us sensible to understand our relation with parents.

Certain animals are noted for behavior that looks a lot like rape. Mallard ducks and dolphins have received particular attention in this regard.

These males do force themselves on females sometimes in what might be called ‘gang rapes’, but the question of whether a female chicken or goat could ‘give consentis rather a profound one.

There are some other animals in our environment that are rapists like Ducks, it is known to be brutal rapist, Dogs and cockerel.

Don’t you think this shows that people who rape their opposite gender are also animals?

Do you agree that some animals can also rape?

Let’s her your say on this by dropping your comment’s in the comment section below.

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